IWCF Drilling Well Control Level 4 Enhanced Renewal

Duration: 5 days

About this course

The Well Academy and Lloyd’s Register have joined forces to develop this unique IWCF DWC level 4 Enhance Renewal course, which offers delegates the opportunity to bring their IWCF DWC level 4 certification to the next level. The curriculum is a unique combination of The Well Academy’s scenario based well control training and Lloyds Register’s advanced well control equipment training.

The course is structured in such a way that theoretical content learned is directly applied in an interactive simulated environment, testing both procedural competency and equipment knowledge gained. The course includes lessons and activities that go beyond basic well control knowledge and include topics that have not been previously covered in IWCF certified courses.


Admission to the course is open for individuals who have completed previous IWCF drilling well control level 4 certification achieving at least 80% in each component. The course is optimized for the following positions:

  • Drilling supervisor
  • Drilling superintendent
  • Toolpusher
  • Rig manager
  • Drilling contractor
  • Senior well engineer
  • Operations well engineer


Candidates can select either “combined surface and subsea BOP” or “surface BOP” certification. Delegate will undergo a practical assessment slightly different from those in regular IWCF courses, however they will take written exams similar to the regular IWCF level 4 exams. Successful candidates score at  least  80% in each component and receive an IWCF level 4 certifcate valid for 2 years and stating they have completed the Enhanced Renewal course. Level 4 certificates are valid for 2 years.