Introduction To Well Engineering

Duration: 5 days

About this course

Designing and drilling a well is a multi-disciplinary activity where ‘engineers’ and ‘drillers’ have to work together to ultimately deliver a successful well. However, the engineering team may not always have sufficient operational knowledge to understand the operational challenges of the drillers. Equally so, the drilling team may not always have sufficient engineering knowledge to understand the well design challenges of the engineers.

This one-week course is designed for the drilling team and gives an introduction to a number of important well engineering topics. With this knowledge the drilling team will be in a better position to understand how operational issues may influence the quality of the well and oversee how operational decisions may influence the well design.

All topics are setup to provide a fundamental understanding of the subject. Examples and questions are used to illustrate concepts and allow participants to practice. Specific subsea well related topics can be added for teams operating on semi-submersibles or drill ships.


This course is setup for field personnel but office based personnel may also benefit from this course.

Typical roles include:

  • Driller
  • Toolpusher
  • OIM
  • Rig manager
  • Rig superintendent
  • Drilling supervisor
  • Drilling engineer
  • Senior drilling engineer
  • Well-site operations engineer


Delegates will receive a certificate from Well Academy on completion of the course.