IWCF Releases Enhanced Renewal Guide

IWCF have released new guidelines for their Enhanced Renewal drilling well control program. The program has been specifically designed for experienced candidates who require something additional to the standard course. The enhanced training is for candidates who are renewing their Drilling Well Control level 3 or 4 certification.


The enhanced renewal program is in response to report 476 from the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) and aims to drive up competency standards and improve safety for those working with wells. Candidates will be assessed in a similar manner to a standard course and can be expected to achieve higher results.


At Well Academy, we have delivered our first IWCF Enhanced Renewal training with Lloyd’s Register early 2016, a joint effort with our partner Lloyd’s Register. In addition to scenario-based training, unique advanced equipment elements were integrated in the course.


Scenario based simulated exercises and team work will continue to be a major part of this training. The updated program will include elements of Crew Resource Management (CRM).


Please contact us for more information about the Enhanced Renewal program or visit the course page for scheduled events.