Well Academy help deliver cost savings

Delivering courses in remote field locations and client offices is a good cost effective viable option as recently demonstrated by Well Academy in collaboration with Sasol. Travelling over 9000 km from our Netherlands primary centre, South Africa and Mozambique were the recent destinations for our intrepid instructors, Nico van Spijker and Martin Meinster.


We are not new to establishing training courses across the globe. Specifically Well Academy team are proven experts in creating IWCF temporary accredited centres and successfully delivering both Drilling Well Control and Well Intervention Pressure Control courses. Other courses we recently delivered in remote locations include Advanced Well Control, Stuck Pipe Prevention, Well Integrity and Slickline training. Giving our clients training solutions locally has delivered significant cost savings and raised the competence levels of their operations teams.


Follow this link to request us to plan your next course at a field or office location. We can help you raise the competence level of your team and achieve cost savings.